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What are the Best Oils for Your Skin?

Do you want beautiful, smooth, radiant skin? Then you need to rub a combination of healing, anti-aging oils on your skin daily. Oils keep your skin, breasts and body healthy. The oils on your skin provide a healing, anti-aging, protective barrier. The immune system on your skin works by breaking down your skin’s natural oils.…read more

Is There a Hole in Your Life?

Do you ever have an empty feeling, like something is missing in your life? Do you feel that you want more from life, but don’t necessarily know what more would look like? There are lots of things we reach for to fill that empty space inside. The most common and obvious ones are alcohol, recreational…read more

Do You Have Parasites?

What you might not know is that most people have parasites in their digestive system. Creepy, huh?? Most of the time, they are at such a low level that you wouldn’t even notice them. They can be a serious issue though, so if you have any questions you should get checked by your doctor. You…read more

Moods, Emotions & Menopause

Here in the US, menopause is something most women dread as they hear about the horrible hot flashes, irritability, mood swings and memory lapses that can be a part of it. But there are natural ways to support yourself physically and emotionally to ease the journey. Menopause is considered a woman’s sacred rite of passage…read more

What to do when a friend has Cancer?

I know this topic might seem a bit heavy, but it’s something that many of us face or have faced. It’s the worst moment in the world, when you find out someone you love has cancer. How do you support them? Your mind becomes scared. Your body numb. You can’t breathe. Then comes, what do…read more

Great Sources of Cultured Foods and Probiotics

Keeping your gut in tip top shape in order for a slimmer you,  plus digestive health, absorption of nutrients, a strong immune system, and BONUS it helps keep your moods more calm and even keel. The following are some examples of my favorite cultured foods to help maintain healthy probiotics for optimum gut – brain…read more

Calming Cultures…what can feed your calm

Do you ever experience unexplained gut issues, such as a nervous stomach, butterflies in the stomach, an intense twinge in the core, stomach ache, nausea or even diarrhea when under sudden or intense anxiety? It can feel like an energetic punch in the gut when you undergo such emotions. We also have a popular term…read more

Best Essential Oils to help with Attention & Sleep

What aromas help with focus, attention and sleep? There are two highly effective essential oils that help with calm, focus, attention and improved quality of sleep. Although you might commonly think of lavender, these oils out perform lavender for sleep and focus. Jasmine essential oil has been revered for centuries around the world for its…read more

Anger-Cleansing Cranberry Lemonade – Kaliana Special Recipe

When I was 13 I got sick, and the medical community wasn’t able to help me. That started my trek of natural healing very early in life. I know lots of people do cleanses as a part of natural healing, and believe me I’ve tried all types of diets. When it comes to doing a…read more

Kaliana Tuna Salad to lower Anxiety – and reduce mercury

Eating healthier, emotional care foods helps save you money because you tend to become less hungry and end up with fewer cravings over time, plus it brings more happiness too! Remember, it takes 4 months for every cell in your body to replace itself. So stick with your positive emotion eating and watch for the…read more

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