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Great Sources of Cultured Foods and Probiotics

Keeping your gut in tip top shape in order for a slimmer you,  plus digestive health, absorption of nutrients, a strong immune system, and BONUS it helps keep your moods more calm and even keel. The following are some examples of my favorite cultured foods to help maintain healthy probiotics for optimum gut – brain…read more

Calming Cultures…what can feed your calm

Do you ever experience unexplained gut issues, such as a nervous stomach, butterflies in the stomach, an intense twinge in the core, stomach ache, nausea or even diarrhea when under sudden or intense anxiety? It can feel like an energetic punch in the gut when you undergo such emotions. We also have a popular term…read more

Best Essential Oils to help with Attention & Sleep

What aromas help with focus, attention and sleep? There are two highly effective essential oils that help with calm, focus, attention and improved quality of sleep. Although you might commonly think of lavender, these oils out perform lavender for sleep and focus. Jasmine essential oil has been revered for centuries around the world for its…read more

Anger-Cleansing Cranberry Lemonade – Kaliana Special Recipe

When I was 13 I got sick, and the medical community wasn’t able to help me. That started my trek of natural healing very early in life. I know lots of people do cleanses as a part of natural healing, and believe me I’ve tried all types of diets. When it comes to doing a…read more

Kaliana Tuna Salad to lower Anxiety – and reduce mercury

Eating healthier, emotional care foods helps save you money because you tend to become less hungry and end up with fewer cravings over time, plus it brings more happiness too! Remember, it takes 4 months for every cell in your body to replace itself. So stick with your positive emotion eating and watch for the…read more

What to eat for more energy, less anxiety & stayin’ alive power

Have you ever realized how much your emotions cause fatigue? Stress, anxiety and depression all have a way of sucking the very life out of you. This article is where the light bulb goes off for you in regards to green foods. They are critical in Natural Emotional Care if you are ready for less…read more

Emotional Anxiety – is your Blood the culprit?

For almost a decade I struggled with anxiety,  waking up in the middle of the night and sometimes even having panic attacks during the day. There were times that the anxiety made sense because of issues in my life, but other times I had no idea where the anxiety was coming from. I realized the…read more

What Foods may Increase Irritability or Angry Emotions

A hundred years ago, people died of scurvy because they didn’t understand that a vitamin could prevent a disease. Today, evidence is showing how natural emotional care options can help reduce negative emotions such as anxiety, irritability and anger. There are key problem foods that can increase anxiety, irritability, and anger because they cause such a…read more

What is a Key Cause of Anger?

I remember one of the greatest moments in my life. I announced at one of my Emotional Care Bootcamps, that I had struggled with anger issues from the time I was a child until I was in my early 40’s. The shock I saw ripple across the faces in the audience, struck a cord in…read more

What is Natural Emotional Care?

Much of my life I struggled with anxiety, depression and fatigue. I spent 37 years looking for natural answers to heal myself, which is how I became a leading expert in Natural Emotional Care. If you suffer with anxiety, high stress or fatigue you will soon find yourself describing Natural Emotional Care as “amazing”.  …read more

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